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Yep you can def replace those
Large - Case/Media Separator $72.95
Vibratory Case Cleaner - $187.95
Digital Caliper - $39.95
Digital Scale - $139.95

For one, you can buy any case media seperator and they work fairly well, I got mine at cabelas for like 30 bucks. A berry's tumbler is pretty hard to beat, it works and works well. Sold under vaious names, I have the cabelas one which is made by Berrys and is the same thing just green for 50 bucks. Digital Calipers I got a few I paid like 10 dollars for and they are accurate and work just fine. Digital scale for 140? I dont know why you would need one right away, I dont trust them. Even the guy at Dillion when I went in the store to buy one said they only warranty them for 1 year and after that its a crap shoot on if they'll make it to 2 years. I got a Dillion beam scale that is awesome I got used for 30 dollars. Any quality beam scale should be sufficient, the dillion, lyman, rcbs etc. I'd stay away from the Lee Safety scale,it works and is accurate but I cant stand the one I started off with. very dificult to use and adjust.
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