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to Gaerek...

1. I don't see an advantage over a regular pocket holster.
I'm hoping the advantage is that I can position to gun where it's easier to get to, but otherwise hidden from view. The rigid leather form seems to keep to gun movement a bit freer that with a soft, conforming holster that is positioned deeper in my pocket.

2. Different pants/shorts have different pocket lengths, and distances from belt. With a shallow pocket close to the belt line, the suspension strap will buckle and interfere with the draw. With a deep pocket further away from the belt line, the top of the gun/holster could become visible in the top of the pocket. In other words, the strap will need to be adjustable, but without adding too much bulk or extra strap to get in the way.
I debated a length-adjustable strap on this prototype, using snaps, Velcro, laces, etc to handle the issue of different pants pocket 'drops', but haven't thought out the best solution. The buckling of the strap doesn't seem to be a problem insofar as accessing the gun goes. But, that's certainly a matter of personal opinion/preference... I can understand your concerns over that.

3. A phone or whatever it is attached to the strap to hide will will get in the way of the draw.
Mea Culpa... I didn't intent to suggest a phone or other object be placed in with the holster. Nothing in that pocket but gun! It was my intent that if the holster printed, it would be seen as a phone, tablet, wallet, or some such.

For me, it boils down to my #1 point. I just don't see the advantage over a regular pocket holster that is more simple, and likely less expensive (my DeSantis Nemesis,
The DeSantis design mentions one of my issues. The reverse angled front sight on the XDS snags on the current holster I have and makes a smooth draw impossible... not just difficult. I do understand that this may be a problem specific to my gun selection. But, I trying to solve it with a shaped holster.

Pocket holsters are notoriously difficult to draw while seated. Your holster makes it even harder by packing the top of the pocket with a strap that makes it even more difficult.
The strap is high enough that it's not particularly in the way.

I'd like to see this thing in action, and maybe a better explanation of the problem it's solving. I haven't had an issue with a pocket holster shifting enough to make it hard to draw, but maybe you have? I don't mean to be negative, but these are just some of the issues I see with this particular holster.
Negative is OK! I asked for feedback.

The real issue for me is that I just plain DON'T LIKE the weight of a gun in my pocket. I know the gun is still hanging on my hip, but it doesn't feel near as funky as when it's in my pocket.

I think I'll just wear it for a while and see. I'm heavy-set, so a quick pocket draw is only possible if the gun butt is close to, and just inside my pocket. Otherwise, as with a phone, etc. I'll have to extend my leg a bit to get it out.

Appreciate the feedback!

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