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Sentimental value is important, especially if you are keeping the wife happy about the whole thing.

If you are just a plinker or casual shooter, the conversions are way too expensive to get any real value for what you will spend.

The Remington design allows for a fairly quick reload with spare preloaded cylinders and look cool on the firing line.

If you are going to use the gun in Cowboy Action Shooting matches, a conversion is a godsend (In my humble opinion). But it is expensive.

I bought two Kirst Konverters for my Colt's Dragoons and love them and I claim they are worth every dollars I spent on them. But then, I shoot CAS.

The beauty is I can go back to the BP cylinders and load them up with cap n ball again. I tell the wife for the price of 5 guns I now have 4...
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