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Range Report -

I loaded these bullets in my .45 Colt with 17.4 gr 2400 and a WLP primer to an OAL of 1.600".

I came to this starting load after looking in my Lyman 49th, Hornady, Sierra and Speer manuals. They all had different starting loads for 250-260 grain jacketed bullets using 2400, so I averaged the starting loads from the manuals to come up with this starting load of 17.4 gr.

At the range I shot 3 - 6shot groups at 15 yards off hand. All the groups were < 3" which is about as good as I can shoot a revolver.

There were no extraction problems and no pressure signs. I did not shoot them over a Chrony, but the recoil was fairly stout.

No leading or copper fouling was seen after these 18 shots!

I am going to shoot some of these loads over my chrony this weekend. What velocities would indicate a high pressure? I am curious because I want to increase the charge a bit. Looking at several sites on the net, I see where people haved loaded quite a bit more 2400 under 250gr jacketed bullets in the .45 Colt.
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