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"Yesterday, 11:03 PM #48, WIN1886, Senior Member

So if you had a S&W 627 Pro 8 shot revolver and went to the range to target practice or to hunt some where in could only legally load 7 rounds in the revolver ? Doesn't this seem a bit being told your not responsible enough to have one more round in the revolver ?"

As a Brit who knows a thing or two about ill-informed, over-the-top, knee-jerk legislation, this strikes me as utterly pointless.

If someone has a revolver capable of holding 8 rounds or more and is of a mind to misuse it, for example by committing multiple homicide, they're hardly going to be put off loading the cylinder to capacity just cos they're not allowed to load more than 7 rounds.

Or is there something obvious that I've missed?
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