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one thing the "progressive die guys" don't talk about is case prep... I often spend way more time on case prep, than actual loading... normally those 100-150 cases I loaded on Thursday night, may have required Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights decapping, tumbling, checking case length, & timming as needed... in the past, that also included running through the RCBS case prep center, camfering, brushing out the primer pockets, & picking that gosh darned corn cob media out of the primer pockets & flash hole, & final inspecting the cases...

I also prefer to hand prime as part of my case prep, I find I make a lot less mistakes, not having to run the press handle backwards to seat the primer...

now with the stainless pins & universal decapping die, I expect to cut the prep time in half, I'll still likely hand prime as part of my prep, which make the turret even more attractive
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