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Yes I have seen that too. LOTS of Texas farmers and ranchers have pig problems. They seem to be begging for help. But when you contact them, they want to charge YOU to come help THEM!

If I came upon a stranded man on a back road and he had 2 flat tires, and I offered to help him, but he demanded I pay him to help him, I am sure I'd just drive away and leave him there.

Any Texan that foolish, or that greedy, should be left to the hogs and let him loose his crops and have his land damaged so badly that he can’t make a living on it.

Now if they want to give up the ranching and the farming and become a “Hog Outfitter” then by all means they should do it, and I might even consider using their services, but stop with the dishonesty and the “calls for help” only to bait and switch at the point of contact. Then if they can’t make a living with the new business there can be some honest competition and the system will seek it’s own level.
If they can earn a living selling hog hunts, then good for them. I do not object to the practice of selling the hunts. I DO object to the dishonest practice of “Calling for help”.
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