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Ever consider the Hornady Lock-N-Load progressive? I had a Lyman T-Mag II, and was very happy with it, but wanted to move up to a progressive for faster reloading speed.

What I like about the press is that you don't have to buy a whole die plate per caliber. Since I only use 2 dies per caliber (resizing & seating/crimp), I only need 2 die bushings per caliber. makes an after market powder through expansion funnel (PTX) for Hornady's case-activated powder measure. Out of the 5 stages, I'm currently using 4 (resize, powder/expansion, powder check, seating/crimp).

Per caliber, I have the following:
Dies w/2 bushings
shell plate (some are shared between calibers)
PTX linkage (sets expansion depth per caliber)
Powder metering insert (adjusted per caliber)

Caliber changeovers look like this:
*replace resize and seating/crimp dies via bushings
*swap PTX linkage
*swap powder metering insert
*change over priming from small/large or large/small (if necessary)

Caliber changes are less than 5 minutes.

I use the Lee universal decapping die to decap everything first, and clean with an ultrasonic cleaner.

I can also set up for single stage decapping without wasting a die plate due to the bushing system.

The high cost is in the shell plates ($25-$30 ea.). Bushings cost about $3 each. PTX linkage is $7, powder metering insert is $9.
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