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Bear with me, as these commments are more "thinking out loud" than criticism... Videos of you using your holster, after you're finished with and used your prototype may address these points.

That said, I don't really understand what it does a lot BETTER than a well-designed pocket holster.

A good pocket holster doesn't move around that much, or get pushed out of position, and any of them, yours included, will be a pain to use from a sitting position. The main constraint when sitting is that a person's pants fabric makes it difficult to get you hand into the pocket, and that may still be a problem with your design. An IWB holster is far better in that case.

I wonder if the suspending strap could also "bow" out and get in the way when sitting. A video of you using it could show that this concern is not valid. (An afterthought: that strap could be used to PULL the holster out a bit, which could be a plus!!)

I've had a couple of pocket holsters made and used them a good bit, but am generally more at ease and comfortable with IWB holsters. IWB holster have other issues (comfort when sitting) which is less a problem with pocket carry.

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