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I was sooooo tempted yesterday evening,,,

In May I have two young friends who will be graduatring from Oklahoma State University,,,
So I'm on the lookout for nice .22 handguns (wheel or semi) for gifts.

I have the Charter Arms Pathfinder for one of the graduates,,,
But I still need to find something nice for the second one.

I hadn't been in The Evil Pawn Shop in over a week,,,
So I dropped for a quick peruse last night,,,
It almost cost me some money.

Mr. Evil has a very good condition S&W Model 34 snubnose in the case,,,
It has one of those Tyler T-grip attachments mounted on it.

He's asking the same price as the one he sold me in 2010,,,
$499.00 plus sales tax.

That price is a bit high for me if I were going to gift it away,,,
He will sell me a new Charter Arms 4" Target Pathfinder for $338.00,,,
I almost bought the gun just because I'm sure I could peddle it for a profit,,,
But I decided to walk away from it because I really have no good reason to own a second one.

If it were a 4" instead of a snubbie,,,
I would have taken it home with me right then.

I've already e-mailed two friends who will be interested,,,
I hope one of them buys the gun before I weaken.


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