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The idea of government is based upon the Social Compact- you behave yourself and do the right thing, and others will, too. Those who do not do the right thing are supposed to be punished .....

The problem is this: too many have figured out that they can game the system, and not do the right thing, from the huge number of beneficiaries of the Welfare State, who do not work, yet continue to eat up everybody else's reward for their efforts and the people in the financial system that game that system, producing money without producing anything of value, to the people that say there can be no moral judgements, as such are "unfair" or "unkind" ..... to the politicians that enable all of the above in exchange for their votes and their campaign donations.

The Gods of the Copybook Headings will not be denied, and this whole rotten thing will come crashing down unless there are some serious (and necessarily painful!) reforms ...... and it may be too late already.
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