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You don't like the idea that someone suggests there's a problem in NY, yet you're perfectly willing to suggest that the problem is nation wide?
I'm the FIRST to admit there's a huge problem in NY. It wasn't caused by people like me. You should really read my post before commenting with something that far off base. I absolutely stand by what I said. The problem that IS in NY, is also the problem we face nationwide.

Check out who just got inaugurated yesterday...YES, the problem is nationwide. Again, as I just said in the last post, we here in NY got a taste of what's to come, most likely, for the rest of the US.

rather than cave in and say "I'm offended, you'll get yours".
I'm offended at the NY bashing. I don't want you to "get yours". I suspect that we are all going to "get ours". I don't wish this on anyone.
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