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New Holster Design - proof of concept. Need your input.

Hi all...

I'm working on a new holster design to solve a few problems. I'm a left-handed shooter. Some months back, I bought a

Springfield XDS.

As a lefty, I've always found some challenges finding holsters I like for the XDS, and also for my 9mm and .45 ACP
Springfields. I'm especially focused on IWB holsters, since I have a CCW permit.

So, I set about designing a holster that met my requirements.

1. The holster needed to be suspended on my belt. I didn't want the XDS sitting in the bottom of my pocket where it could
get out of position when needed. I also didn't want the wear in the pockets on my WallyWorld cheap-o pants.

2. The holster needed to have a minimal print on the outside. What did show needed to be seen as a phone, iPod, digital
tablet, wallet, or something other than a pistol.

3. The holster strap suspension needed to give the appearance of being a wallet or other benign object hanging from my

4. Lastly, the holster strap needed to flex enough to accommodate a sitting position.

Here is what I did:

I suspended the holster on a somewhat long strap that a user may adjust to their 'belt-to-pocket' height.

The holster is fitted to the pistol. Further, the holster is asymmetrically shaped so the portion on the outside of your leg is flatter and less pronounced than the portion against your leg.

The front sight on the XDS has a reverse rake, so it grabs nylon holsters. I provided a relief groove to give an unobstructed draw to the XDS.

I glued and stitched the holster to make it durable, solid, and so it would hold it's shape.

I added loops to stabilize to strap.

This holster is a rough 'proof of concept', but I'm thinking about making them for others with XDS pistols and other
pocket-able firearms. Of course, I can make a right-handed version!

The pictures will, hopefully, explain the idea well enough....

Your comments and feedback would be welcome and appreciated!


- Smokiniron
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