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Sad to see so many buying into the fight-amongst-yourself mentality, rather than gathering forces against the real threat. I think the Obama plan is going to be a real wakeup call to the rest of the country that good, gun owning people are, for the most part, outnumbered nationally as well. We just got an early taste of what's to come in NY.
You don't like the idea that someone suggests there's a problem in NY, yet you're perfectly willing to suggest that the problem is nation wide?

I don't think the "sky is falling" line of thinking is productive in the least. NY has a very serious problem, right now, on the books, laws passed. Doesn't really matter if individual residents are "offended" by others suggesting there's a problem there. Doesn't matter if anyone from NY suggests "It's an early taste of what's to come in YOUR state". What matters is that come about April of this year, YOU and a few thousand or million other NY'ers will be criminals because of your gun/magazine/whatever ownership. Doesn't really matter whose fault that is. But passing that off as "It's just an early taste of what you're going to get as well" is NOT going to get you out of jail in April.

How about let's FIX the nonsense in NY and other places where the emperors are clueless, rather than cave in and say "I'm offended, you'll get yours". There must be a reason why you want to stay in a state which has enacted laws that will make YOU a criminal in a few months. If it were me, I'd be seriously weighing those reasons against the fines/jail time, whatever ramifications that could manifest themselves out of this stupid, but very very real set of laws that YOUR legislators have enacted.

My legislators have not enacted those kinds of laws.

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