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I recently purchased a Charter Arms Target Pathfinder.

Haven't got to handle a charter arms pathfinder, whats the story on them? Are they an improvement over the taurus?

I recently purchased a Charter Arms Pathfinder in .22 LR,,,
Overall I am really likeing the little shooter,,,
It's almost identical to a S&W J-frame.

The above image is the 4" Pathfinder beside my 4" Model 34,,,
You can see the similarity in size and overall shape,,,
The full lug barrel is the one big difference.

The DA trigger was very stiff when it was brand new,,,
I'm approaching the bottom of a 550 round bulk pack of ammo,,,
It seems to be smoothing out as I shoot it so that might be a non-issue.

The only thing I do not like is the front sight blade,,,
It's the same matte stainless as the frame,,,
It needs some sight paint to highlight it.

Are they an improvement over the taurus?
I have owned two Taurus rimfire revolvers,,,
A 970 Tracker and a 990 Tracker,,,
I disliked and sold them both.

I do not see myself selling this little Charter revolver,,,
I might gift it to an upcoming college graduate,,,
But if not I'll definitely keep and shoot it.

Hope this helps,,,


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