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Tale of three guns

Last night my son in law had to go see his great uncle, that was being put under Hospice Care. While he was there, the old man gave him three guns.
This particular one, was taken from a Japenese soldier in the Pacific, when he was stationed there during WWII.
This weapon killed 4 other soldiers that were with the old man, before he was killed, and the old man kept the rifle, because the 4 other soldiers were friends of his from Grade school that had all signed up together.
He told my son in law that the notches on the stock represented a kill for every notch. If that is true, I can count at least 19 notches.

Th old mans name is Jack Arvin Wisdom, and he was a Combat engineer, in the Army. He was involved in the South Pacific and was present at Omaha Beach on D Day.
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