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Head Shot Hog Review

Quick review on one tough hog.
I know bullets are weird once hitting its target but this pig didn't want to die.
I was using a 7.62x39 SP @ roughly 50 yards.
Click Here For Video

If you don't want to watch video here is a quick pic. info.
In the picture below taxidermist stated hog was shot in the head but bullet skimmed and failed to penetrate the skull. Dang hard-headed hog!

On a nearly 300# hog this is the killing radius you have to nail them in the cranium taking a side shot. This use to be my primary shot placement.

If you are going to take a forward headshot this is your killing radius. But note one person attempted this shot and the bullet skimmed off and hog survived. I used to favor this shot.

Don't get me wrong I still favor head shots but with bigger pigs just know what you are up against. I still aim for the head 7/10. The 3 times that I don't is when I am:
a). trying to get a double
b). shooting a big pigs over 200#
c). or when they are running.

Good luck. Stack the bacon!
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