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that's a good point... I'm a busy guy, & can't often dedicate a whole Saturday or Sunday to reloading, so I find I often bang out 100-150 on week nights, after supper... I'm guessing if I had something fast, those numbers could increase... ( beside what I shoot regularly, I'm trying to work my way up to 500 rounds of ammo for each gun, or in some cases barrel, for the Contenders... this is a long term goal, as it can be both expensive, & time consuming, in the cases where I'm making brass from another caliber )

so some I could load say 500 rounds, to get my ammo cans full, but once I get to that point, I usually shoot less than 50 rounds of 2-3 cartridges when I go out shooting ( so the single stages have been fine in the past, just hard to get the cans full, where I'm going from something I might have only had 20 rounds )
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