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When all is said and done, the prices will come down.

Most have little to no "collectible" value- so their worth should be determined relative to modern fireararms.

Depends if you really have a "need" now, or don't mind waiting.

Although I can't get one now, eventually I will be able to get something along the lines of a Mini-14, or an AR (yes...) for $700-$900 after the hysteria and hype subside. So- why would I buy a minute of barn door SKS for $500??

Me, I've got enough confidence that, while some changes may take place in the areas of registration, or even high capacity mags, that semi-autos will not be affected. All the guys buying that either don't really need them, or are stockpiling- at inflated prices...will be looking to unload them at a loss when the markets normalize. May take a few months, or many months, depending on how long this is debated by Congress, but my money is on the end result of very little changing.

Despite a very partisan and far-left Inaugural speech, there remains a system of checks and balances that our President grudgingly acknowledges- which will stop him in his tracks.
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