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I have posted the following at GlockTalk:
I'm a member at several gun websites, including The Firing Line. One of the members, an avowed unbeliever in Glocks, has issued the following challenge to Glock owners:

Originally Posted by BGutzman
As is widely known on this forum I am a true non believer in Glock.. I rarely mince words on it and I'm generally unapologetic about it. So here's my deal. If we get 100 new members on this forum who (on there honor) join this forum in the next 14 days in response to this post AND use the following link and I will refrain from negative Glock comments for 1 year. For the record I detest this brand and then some, so step up to the plate!

Get 1000 new members (on their honor) on this forum within 30 days and who use this link and I will buy a new G30 or G21 when available, or if legal in the next 6 months and post pics in here.

The 2A is way more important than my Glockisms, please support the 2A.

Please announce your membership and link usage below.

All you have to do is sign up, use the Ruger Advocacy link to contact your representatives, and announce that you have done so in his thread. That thread is found here:

When I mentioned that I was tempted to post his thread here on GT, he said:

Originally Posted by BGutzman
Please do Spats! I will even go farther and say I wont deface or sell it for at least one year!
I don't frequent this site, but I hope (and think) that this crowd is as politically active as those at The Firing Line and The High Road (where I'm more active). If not, I figured that if there was any way to get Glock owners out in force, this challenge ought to do it!
That thread is here:
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