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Ok, let's take a step back for a minute (have patience, this won't take long).

Condition. Condition is everything when talking price of black powder rifles, especially those which are used and several years old (CVA stopped making these rifles years ago).

They don't look bad at all from the pictures. But it's what's on the inside that counts the most. If the bore is badly pitted the barrel is junk and the rifle isn't worth $50. If the bore is pristine it may well be worth more than $175.

I suggest a bore inspection with a good bore light (about a $10 investment). That can tell you a great deal about the value of the gun. Second, remove the lock and inspect both the back (working) side for dirt and rust AND the wood underneath for dry rot, indicating it was left wet after cleaning. I'd also suggest removing the barrel and checking the stock barrel channel, but that's not practical on the CVA/Jukar Kentucky design.

With regard to the rifles on Gunbroker, obviously you can't do a hands on inspection before buying. That leads to my First Rule of Buying Used Guns Unseen:

NEVER, ever buy a used gun sight unseen without an iron-clad, guaranteed right to return the gun no-questions-asked after a reasonable inspection period (3 to 5 days after receipt). Offer to pay shipping both ways as a sign of good faith. Did I say never?

End of broadcast.
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