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Sounds like I need to find a charter to handle before I do anything else. If I don't like it I will move on to used .38's.
I really don't have need for another centerfire gun at the moment, already having a half dozen .380's, 9mm's and .45's. I deer hunt over a beanfield so getting a .357 or .44 still doesn't interest me much. The idea is for a plinking gun that occasionally could see use for pest control or small game, I probably won't shoot over 100 rounds a year from it.
If my mom likes it and shows interest in shooting more we can find her a good .38 or whatever she picks. If she handles it ok and wants to leave it at that I will probably just give it to her and it will be a nightstand gun. It may not be the best but its a far better choice than an auto she can't load.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice and feedback
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