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My first revolver was an old Taurus 38Sp in the 1970s. I could hit a barn, from the inside, maybe. Sold it and years later bought a Charter Arms Pathfinder 22lr with a 3" barrel. With only a little practice I could hunt small game, rabbits and squirrels, with this gun. A few years later I got a Taurus 357mag with a 4" barrel. This I can shoot accurately. I am not sure if the use of the 22 helped or not but I am sure it didn't hurt anything. I now have a S&W 38Sp snub nose. It is very hard to shoot accurately. Based on my experience, I would recommend a longer barrel, probably 4". If you are to carry this, not less than 3" or consider a 3.5'' semiauto. Just my opinion.
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