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I think if everyone can take a deep breath those of us holding money in 6 months to a year are going to have a sweet used "like new" gun market to take advantage of.

Unless Obama and Pals can get an AWB of some kind through in the first few months of this year it is not going to happen. As the year goes on you are going to have a lot of Democrats AND "moderate" Republicans from pro gun places like Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado etc thinking about re-election in 2014.

As it stands he might have the votes in the Senate but by my calculations about 30-40 Republicans would need to jump ship and vote for an AWB in the house for it to pass. It may be even more depending on how vulnerable the dems from places like I listed above feel on the issue.

At the end of the day, in late 2013 you are going to see prices dropping on new guns, inventory going up and lots of used guns people could not afford in the first place being sold off at bargain prices.

That being said, hang on guys because I think we will see another run on guns and ammo in mid 2014. The Democrats are out for blood and they want the house back. If it looks like something that is ever remotely possibly I think we will see another big run on evil black rifles, magazines and ammo.
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