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Thanks for the suggestions... I'm in the food ingredient business ( I have lots of citric acid ) I put a pinch in last night... will probably dedicate a spare Lee powder dipper to the citric acid tub for the tumber...

will have to think about the rosin, that seems like the ticket???

I actually started looking on E-bay & see Chicago Electric ( yes, I know they aren't particularly high quality ) offer alot of dual drum tumblers like this one...

I'd think the dual drum tumbler would be benificial for someone with smaller quantities on lots of calibers of brass ( like I often end up with ) or if you guys have the dual drum tumblers, & find they are more hastle than 2 single drum tumbers, I may decide to go that route, as I have the space for a couple tumblers, & my ultrasonic ( which I'm not impressed with, & will now be regulated to cleaning nickle plated cases ) of course I'll keep the RCBS tumbler as long as it works
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