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Had a chat about the press styles with my machinist buddy ( wanted to talk turrets, since he has several on his equipment, & we did discuss the speed differences over batch loading, so I agree with only handling the case once or twice is better than once per stage...

...Well I did mount up my lil RCBS Junior to my new bench last night ( new custom made stainless bench top... so I was really procrastinating about punching holes in it, as I've been watching the reloading bench thread for ideas... I've decided to screw threaded plates to the underside of the bench, & have plugs made for the bolt holes, for when the press is stored under the bench ) ... I've done alot of loading of smaller cartridges ( heck, even up to 45-70 ) on that little press, but it'll now be dedicated to my universal decapping die, or later down the road, perhaps to just file trim dies, if I decide to replace one of my rock chuckers as a main reloading press, & move it to the decapping station...

I'm leaning towards the turret press, & a few spare turrets to start with... may even buy a pair of them, if I like the 1st one ???
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