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I have a question about the Colt DS.

I have the ability to get a Colt decetive special .38 that was made in 1977, third generation. (Don't know what the 3rd generation means). The seller claims
It has only 100 rounds through it and is in excellent condition.

If I where to get such a revolver, how reliable would it be considering its 35+ years old? I'd keep it as a "truck gun" and fire it MAYBE 100 times grand total ever. It'd sit in my car as my self defense gun. Therefore it'd never be fired, lubed or maintained because it simply would just sit in my car as a defense weapon. It'd only be fired in the rare case I needed it for self defense.

Does the colt DS seem like a good choice for a "truck gun" like I described above? Or should I pass?
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