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I think the use/purpose of what I planned on using the Glock or Revolver I mis-said. I actualy want a "truck gun" not a home defense weapon as I already have a home defense weapon. I completely explained it in detail in my post below.

See, to make it more clear the EXACT thing I want is what some call a "truck gun" - one that just sits in your car for years and never gets fired or maintenance because it is never used unless in emergency self-defense. Anyone I ever knew who had a truck gun always had a revolver - due to it not relying on lube/maintenance for proper function like a semi auto dose. Also keeping it loaded for years or so doesn't hurt a revolver, some claim it can hurt the springs of a auto magazine.

So I wondered:

If I kept a loaded REVOLVER as my truck gun and it sat in my car for 2 years, with zero maintenance/cleaning/lube in those 2 years (because it was never fired/used hence the zero maintenance), and someone attempted to rob me, and I pulled out that Loaded revolver that has been sitting in say the glove compartment for 2 years -- would it be 100% reliable, and go bang with all 5 or 6 shots? (If that many shots where needed). If not why? Since the revolver was never used while it sat in the car, why/how could any parts break/go out of timing????? Since the revolver just sat there and was never used, how could it possibly break/go out of timing/etc from simply firing it 6 shots in a few years??? I don't see how thats likely or possibly. (i only bring that up because a few claimed the Revolver could break/go out of timing even if fired a FEW times in YEARS. That sounds extremely bogus and far-fetched to me). I assume the Revolver would be 99.9% reliable in the case I described above.

Now how about a GLOCK in the EXACT same scenario. Kept in say the glove box of my car for 2 years, loaded. Zero maintenance/cleaning/lube (since it was never used/fired just sat in car). Now let's say someone attempted to rob me, and I pulled out the Glock. Would it go bang? Or is it likely it would FTF? Or would it go bang once then jam? Or would it have no problems in the condition i described and work flawless?

Who wins for relability/more likely to work flawless in the scenario I described above: a revolver or Glock?
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