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I regulary get the bug to own a .45-70 and I've had three. In fact, the first new rifle I ever bought about 42 or 43 years ago was a .45-70. It was one of those H&R reproduction Springfields. Even with factory loads, however, it would bruise my shoulder. Of course, it had a plain steel (hardened steel, I'm tempted to say) buttplate.

My next .45-70 was a Ruger No. 1, easily the best rifle I've ever owned. It had a nice cushioned buttplate that eliminated the bruising but it still kicked the same and the Springfield, which was actually a longer barrel. It's an expensive rifle now. They also made the No. 3 in that caliber, which must have been something else to shoot. I also had a Marlin like everyone else.

The .45-70 can be a long range rifle, depending on what you mean by long range, but it will take some skill at range estimating and more sight than comes on most rifles. But for hunting, I doubt anyone shoots whitetail deer at anything that you would call long range.
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