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Tumbler 101... Thumler & media questions

got my stainless pins, & ran my 1st batch in my older RCBS sidewinder... really happy with how the brass looked when done ( I did add way too much dish soap, as I'm on my 3rd rinse & still getting some foaming )

the drum is slipping on my RCBS, thought about adding some belt dressing to the drive contact areas... thoughts ???

been looking at the Thumbler brand tumblers, since they seem to get the best reviews... I see they offer more tumblers for polishing rocks, than specifically for brass is there really a difference ???

I see E-Bay is loaded with Thumbler tumblers, most designated as rock polishers... there are several double drum units that look interesting...

... so how about sorting those little stainless pins... I have several media screens, all much too big for the lil pins do I need to use "dish towels" or what are you guys using to drain your pins & brass ???
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