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Thanks for all the help guys. i have been thinking about this for a while now of getting my license. My concern the first time i talked to the city was that i lived 2 blocks for an elementary school. but i couldnt find any thing on the atf website about location being a problem. Thats when i contacted my local authorities. Its funny how your local law enforcement dont know the rules on an ffl license. So after the 20 phone calls i made i finally got in touch with i believe was the city inspector maybe. And thats when he told me i could work from my home but i couldnt sell tangable goods from it. Which i would apply for all the permits and every thing. Now this is just my brain thinking and im not saying its right or wrong to do this. But on my first search i found what they call a gun smiths license which allowed the person to be a gun smith and purchase for his own purpose. Now yes i want to be able to order a gun for my friends and sell to people i know per doing back ground checks and all the legal way. Nothing illegal but what would happen if i set it as my home location even tho the zoner says i cant have some one come and pick the gun up there. And say my buddy calls and says he i want a gun and i order it for him. The gun comes in i pick it up take it to my house. He comes over and does the necessary paper work and then the next day i take it to him or meet him at my parents house while im there? technically im still conducting the business out of my home but no tangible goods are leaving the property except with me. Which no one would know i have be cause i pull into the garage unload load and leave. The zoner did tell me i can work from my home i just cant sell tangable goods from there and that is the passing off at the location. So i wouldnt be passing off from that location but rather delivering to my customer. yes i am new to this and i would like to have my ffl license. but being 25 nearly 26 i dont have the extra money to go rent a building to buy firearms for my self and the ocasional person that would like to buy from me. Im not looking to go out and make a living off of this basically for my personal buying but if my legal friend dosent want to go pay what the local gun shop is gouging him on the pistol he wants i could say hey i can get it for the price plus shipping and maybe 10 or 15 bucks extra. These are all just questions before i go shell out 200 bucks that isnt refundable to me if i dont pass because im in the wrong area or what not.
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