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I'm a bit sick of the "move" mentality, this is my home, I was born and raised in NY and it's my duty to try and get this law repealed if possible. My father would roll over in his urn if I turned tail and ran at the first sign of a fight, I was raised better than that.
I'm with you, Stu. I participated in a couple of these discussions over at THR, and the NY bashing is worse than you can imagine. I've never seen posters at THR allowed to be so....Low Road.

One guy said we should be ashamed of ourselves. As I've pointed out in various threads here, we have nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a state where we're outnumbered. You vote for the right people, you do the right things, and you're still simply overwhelmed by the big city populations that are predominantly liberal. It's really easy for someone in Wyoming or Colorado to say we are getting what we deserved, but it's not true.

Sad to see so many buying into the fight-amongst-yourself mentality, rather than gathering forces against the real threat. I think the Obama plan is going to be a real wakeup call to the rest of the country that good, gun owning people are, for the most part, outnumbered nationally as well. We just got an early taste of what's to come in NY.
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