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I stockpile ammo whenever I see a good deal. I can't see myself paying these jacked up prices on regular pistol ammo. As for assault weapons and ammo for them, I can totally understand the run. The dems have been pushing for more gun control and the Sandy Hook tragedy certainly gave them a lot of ammo. This is my guess for what they will try to do:

1. Close gun show loop hole - all transfers need background check
2. Ban the sale of assault weapons or require class 3 permits (AR-15, AK-47)
3. Make transfer of assault weapons illegal (turn in upon death of owner)
4. Severely tax ammo to "defray medical costs" that guns cost
5. Prohibit the sale of assault weapon calibers (.223, 7.62x39)
6. Reinstate the 10 round mag limit. Transfer of high cap mags banned.

I imagine they may try to push for more, but I can totally see them passing these laws after Sandy Hook and the Aurora Theaters shooting. I am not overly concerned about pistol ammo although I can see future prices going up due to taxes. I have a few thousand rounds of 9mm and .45 acp. I have hundred of rounds of pretty much everything else. My only concern is .223 ammo. Maybe it would be a wise investment to buy a 9mm upper for my AR!

I have to admit that I'm not shooting nearly as much as I used to. Finding ammo at a reasonable price to replenish my supply is the main reason. I think I'm going to practice a lot more with air soft for now.
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