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Not crazy at all

Originally Posted by Magnum Wheel Man
been thinking progressively, & think I talked myself out of a progressive...
anyone play the multiple single stage press game ??? I reload alot of different cartridges & currently have 3 single stage presses... in my temp loading area ( where I've reloaded the last 15 years ) I only have room for one press & my case prep center at a time... my new permanent loading area, has space for 4-5 presses...

one of my problems, with making the switch to progressives, is I load for around 75 different calibers, & the progressives would be of limited use to me... I started thinking, what if I set up 3-4 presses, all to be used for a single stage of reloading, I'd bang out 50, move to the next press, bang out that stage, move over to the next... won't be as fast as a good working progessive, but would be functional for every cartridge I reload...

crazy ???
My choice would be the Lee Classic Turret (and I use it with auto-indexing so I can do continuous processing rather than batch mode).

But inexplicably, no one has suggested getting a single stage breech-lock press. Each die screws into a bushing (just as they do into a press) and the bushing which pops in and out of the press with a 1/4 turn.

The next best thing to a turret and closer to what you are already used to.

But seriously, the Lee Classic Turret will be almost 3 times as fast if you switch over to continuous processing and use the auto-indexing feature (less handling of the cases - only one per finished round instead of once for each operation).

The turret disk has a little bit of clearance (all turrets do) so wear on the disk is not so great and you can spray a little dry-lube on it. The clearance is not a problem, as the disk "puck" lifts straight up the same amount every time (all turrets move a little, but other makers' disks tilt ever so slightly). In either case, it is not known to be a factor in the quality of the finished rounds to any but the most demanding of handloaders.

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