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Can't be certain but it appears to be...

... A CVA percussion version of what they call a Kentucky Rifle.

I had one in .45 caliber which I built as a kit back in the day and another one also in .45 which was given to me by a friend who was tired of the muzzle loading scene.

I have owned three firearms from Jukar; those two wifles and a Colonial Pistol. I thought all were of consistent quality. The mated two piece stock is a compromise on the part of the manufacturer. They wanted to package the rifle in a shorter box and this meant the stock had to be jointed in the middle.

They were consistent shooters and much fun.

I agree with Gary that this is a good way to get into muzzle loading.

As regards price, I agree again with Gary that in good condition this is a decent price. I think it is entirely possible that you could find one for less money but frequently if we do a transaction with a friend we are reluctant to quibble over a coupla bucks. Good will is sometimes priceless. Give him the 125.00 and if you see it somewhere for a less money, don't tell him about it.

He may have some stuff to go with the rifle which will get you shooting and these things alone can be worth more than 60.00.

If the seller is just a casual acquaintence, you might check and do a search for CVA Kentucky Rifle.

Undertand that this piece claims almost no commonalities with its namesake. The name given to it by CVA is as much a marketing compromise as the two piece stock.

I think everyone on this forum would be happy to hear that you bought the rifle and absolutely love it. So let us know how it goes.

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