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I'm still stupid to the term. Can anyone explain how it works, what it does? I guess it does not allow firing a revolver (revolver only?). Requires some kind of key or ???
New S&W revolvers come with a small key (some people describe it as a "skate key" because that is what it resembles though many younger people may have never seen nor heard of a skate key) that, when inserted through the hole in the left side of the frame and turned, engage an internal locking mechanism that blocks the movement of the hammer and thus locks the action of the revolver. With the lock engaged, the cylinder can still be opened to load and unload the revolver, but the trigger cannot be pulled, the hammer cannot be cocked, and the revolver cannot be fired. A description of the device can be found on pages 15-17 of S&W's current revolver owner's manual.
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