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First Handgun Question

I've asked a similar question on another forum in case there's anyone familiar with it out there, but I'm asking it here with a different slant to it because it's more specifically geared towards the "practice" gun.

First some points that are relevant to my question:

- I'm planning on becoming a CCW-holder in the future when I live in a state where I can do that. I lean towards a snubnose revolver based on the various pros and cons I've read, and at this point only real-life experiences of my own can do more than the hundreds of Google searches.

- A pump-action shotgun is my primary home-defense weapon, and will continue to be so.

- I've never had a handgun. For this reason (and others including economical, flinch avoidance, etc) I believe in starting with a .22LR caliber just as I did with my rifle.

Here's the questions:

Presuming that my future-CCW / "fight to my long-gun in an HD situation" weapon is likely to be a .38 Spl Snubnose J-Frame, is getting in a lot of practice with a .22LR Snubnose revolver (like the S&W 43C) a good decision for a first handgun?

Or, as a new hand-gunner, am I better served by a longer barrelled or less-compact piece even though it is only a .22? Will I learn the fundamentals and develop habits as effectively, better, or worse by using a snubnose compared to say, an SP101 for example (or a semi-auto)?

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