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There's a lot of price gouging out there as some are trying to take advantage of the unprecedented levels of demand. You can't really blame some of the smaller mom and pop type shops, as they have limited inventory and are last on the list when it comes to getting new stock. There are some larger outfits out there that have kept their prices stable, but they pretty much sell anything they get within minutes of it being listed for sale.

IMO one of the best deals currently going can be found at Walmart, where they sell basic Colt 6920's for $1097. For the level of quality you receive, the price is nearly impossible to beat, especially with all the panic buying going on. If it turns out that you just plain don't like AR's, you should easily be able to turn around and sell it for $1500 or more. The only problem is going to be catching one in stock, as they typically are gone within a matter of hours after hitting the shelves.
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