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I'm actually nearing the end of this process (I hope). Unfortunately for me I was foolish enough to purchase a home in a HOA neighborhood. I planned on starting my business out of my home, contacted the individual in charge of my HOA & got the approval to operate business in writing. After this approval I spent some money to get everything going. The ATF agent that's coming to do my inspection told me that an email stating that it was okay to have a business in my home wouldn't be enough, it had to specifically state that it was okay to have a firearms business. When I called the HOA back, the individual that had told me it was okay was no longer with the company & the new person said that no type of business was allowed in the neighborhood (it's in the contract). As a result I was forced to change my business address & rent an office. While it is true I could probably sue the HOA or take them to arbitration depending on what's in the contract I think that would just be too much headache for me & would delay the process even longer.

Moral of the story: check, double check, & triple check to make sure you have the go ahead from your city officials and also from your HOA if you have one. Also make sure you get everything in writing stating clearly that it will be a firearm business. I had to do this for the office I rented & the owner was more than happy to comply .

All of your business must be done at the address of the FFL from my understanding.
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