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Sig Pro

Last fall, I was considering purchasing the Ruger P95. I did my research and found what people here have said - it is a dependable, heavy gun with a heavy trigger. But then I did a head-slap and said, "Why not a SigPro 2022?" I already had a SigPro 2340 (the older, .40 version) and I absolutely love it. It has never had a problem in the 8 years that I have owned it. So, I put in my order for a SigPro 2022 in 9mm. When it arrived, I took my two sons with me. My youngest is 7 years old. He fired 7 rounds without a problem. My 9 year old son ran off 15 rounds without blinking!

The SigPro is a little more expensive than the Ruger P95, but it is a great gun. I have concealed-carried the 2340. It is a little big, but with the right setup, it is pretty easy to do. And it is absolutely reliable.
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