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Maybe then gun owners there would stand up and fight for their rights. I only know what I see in the liberal media...but I've read nothing about any opposition to the new legislation. How in the world can any constituency allow such sweeping and controversial legislation to be passed in a matter of days? I'm dumbfounded by what has happened there. NY City I can understand- but NY state? Wow...
Sorry can't let this go. No one knew about this until it was a done deal. As of the morning of 1/14 there wasn't even a bill yet, shortly before midnight the bill had passed the state Senate, on the 15th it passed the assembly and by that afternoon had been signed into law. The law was passed in less than 48hrs. We had no control over this, the deals were made in the middle of the night and behind closed doors there was no time to mobilize the troops or organize anything. I still don't understand how this can even be legal but that's how they did it. Don't blame the gun owners of NYS, the politicians were to blame and knew we would fight it tooth and nail which is why they rushed it through, they wanted no opposition to this bill. Cutting the gun owners of NYS off from supplies is not the solution to this problem. I seriously hope none of our brothers in the other states have to go through this but don't ever think it can't happen to you, McCarthy wants a lot of this to be federal law also.

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