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We The People

I like it when I get on new sites and see like minded people.

So to all that read, I have been bow hunting for about 6 years and just recently in CO I took down a 6x6 bull for my first Big Game kill, first shot at an Elk. Took me that many years to study the land and get know the herds over 3 mountain peaks to understand their behavior and movement.

Well of course, I also have rifles but I still have not used them on big game, but sure do like shooting at small game when I have the chance.

I was born and still live in CO, so if anyone wants to go shooting or bow hunting, give me holler. I also reload when time allows. I have a family and I am former Army Ranger from 2/75th RGR RGT. So if anyone else on here is a true RGR hit me up. Well folks I hope to read some good posts and interact with some of you. Thank you for your time in setting this all up.
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