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I got the gun used, I was told it was never fired, but upon disassembly, I discovered it was shot, a lot. It is fine in terms of recoil, I'm a big guy and nothing short of my dads .357 mag with hot loads gets to me. I meant muzzle flip, which isn't terrible. I know it wasn't intended as a target gun, but I'd like to see if someone has taken one to that level or completely worked one up. I'm a tinkerer and love to tinker. Seems like there would be some ruger nut or just a gun nut in general lurking around here that could give me an idea of what I could do to it. I'm planning on getting either a lower tier 1911 or Beretta 92fs for their toughness and accuracy. So when I do, the ruger may go to a gunsmith to polish the so called ****.

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