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Originally Posted by Martys View Post
For bullets try "Precision Delta". I usually get their 180gr fmj's. Their prices are excellent and there's no shipping charges. For powder (accurate and mild recoil), look at W231. Usually a load of 4.5gr gets the job done nicely.
Thanks for the heads up on Precision. Their prices are excellent. And considering I'm only loading for economy they're looking like my best candidate for jacketed pistol bullets. They're even cheaper than Berry's! I'm going to switch to them for my 9mm as well.

Locally I can't find ANY powders or primers. So all I have is what's left of my pound of power pistol until this whole Obumma thing blows over. I'd like to get my hands on a 4 pound jug or power pistol and some of that W231. I've heard from a fellow reloader that I work with that its a good consistent powder to use with the snappy .40. Especially since I have one of them Glocks that everybody seems to say explode randomly-(in all honesty the amount of chamber support looks the same as the amount of support that my Beretta 96 has.)

Also one more question-I mistakenly bought a box of CCI 550 small magnum pistol primers-misread the box at cabelas, got home and said oh $&@! Wrong primers. Haha. Is there an unsafe difference between the 500 and magnum 550 primers i.e. can I use them for a 9mm loading with 115gr FMJs and 5.1gr of PP and a COL of 1.152"??

BigJimP- I swear by Hodgdon/IMR powders for all of my rifle loads. I decided to jump outta that comfort zone when I started with pistol cartridges. Went with Alliant power pistol because of the lower required charge weights(middle of the road really-
9mm 115gr hornady xtp-
5.2 gr of PP at about 1050fps vs
7.0gr of AAno7 at about 1000fps
vs 3.9gr of bullseye at about 1000fps
All per my load book from LoadbooksUSA), good reviews on the powder, and the fact that it can be used for every handgun cartridge I will be loading for. I like it so far. I want to try other powders eventually when I get more storage and a bigger and dedicated loading bench set up inside my house instead of it being outside in an uninsulated shed.

I've loaded 250 with Berry's 115gr HBRN for my 9mm. Like the performance. And my original load worked up on Hornady's 115gr FMJ transferred over to the Berry's quite well. Worked from 5.0 to 5.5 gr of PP and it liked the 5.1 load that I have been using for my first 200 loads using the Hornady bullets. Very pleased with them.

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