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And, hopefully, most senators/representatives will be aware of that. There are lots of rural democrats who's constituents will not vote for them if they are part of an new AWB. The party leadership be all for a ban, but they're not the people that decide who gets elected.
+1. Although I generally steer clear of partisan debates, this particular factor may greatly affect upcoming political changes in TX. A number of analysts believe that the Republican supermajority in the state is weakening due to a combination of changing voter demographics, a primary process that favors candidates who veer further and further to the right, and the fact that voters increasingly have nobody else to blame for problems.

However, gun rights are VERY popular in this state across the entire voting spectrum, and I personally believe that an overly aggressive push for gun control by the national Democratic party leadership may bolster the Republican majority by motivating conservative voters and simultaneously alienating people who are sitting on the fence. I think this is particularly true of low-income rural residents, who I believe are growing increasingly impatient with a state legislature that continues to cut popular programs, but has given them little in return but promises of job growth that always seems to happen somewhere else. (Frankly, I believe that Bill Clinton understands this group very well, and they're largely who he's talking about.)
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