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Revolver Terminology and Numbers

I have been on a quest to learn more about revolvers and have come across some terms and numbers that I would like to know more about. Forgive me if these questions are somewhat elementary, my focus with handguns has been primarily on semi-autos and much of this is new to me. First of all I see that many S&W's have model numbers followed by a dash and a single digit number such as 19-2, 19-4, etc. Initially, I thought it had something to do with barrel length. What exactly does that last digit refer to? I know many Smith autos use digits to tell the gun's caliber, action, size, etc. I am assuming there is a code associated with these revolver number sequences. Next what is a pinned/recessed barrel and how does it affect performance and accuracy? Is this something good or bad to look for in a revolver? Finally, I have read about internal locks and there have been more than a few negative comments about them. Is it a safety feature? Should this be avoided if possible? I appreciate your time and if there is anything else you think I should know along these lines feel free to share your knowledge with me. Thanks.
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