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Smith Vortex REALLY Rings!

When reading reviews and posts about various flash hiders I noticed quite different reviews regarding the Smith Vortex flash hider, all reported excellent flash suppression and accuracy which is what I want, but the conflict was tuning fork noise or no noise. Most reported ringing during firing which wasn't noticeable when wearing ear protection, but some say theirs make no ringing what so ever... Well mine came in today and let me tell you what, this thing rings all the time! It rings when I click the safety, when I charge the handle (even if I let it close slowly), when I pop a mag , when I click my stock into place and even when I dry fire it! I haven't fired it yet but I expect quite a song from this thing. It doesn't bother me, in fact I find it amusing, but the question is what setups are people running that keeps this thing quiet? My guess would be some non free float setup maby with a plastic clam shell hand guard. My setup is a Daniel Defense 14.5" lightweight bbl with a free float hand guard and low profile syrac gas block.
Is there anyone here who has a quiet vortex? And what is it on?
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