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My point remains I am a wildly critical of Glock and rightfully so. Here's your chance to write your legislature about guns using the given link AND put a burr under my saddle... What better than to make someone who despises Glock buy one. Scan my post from the past its no exaggeration. I do like some custom Glocks but its few and far between. Meet the goals and I will live up to my word...

I am assuming members have already been writing their reps so that's why I excluded them. I am trying, honestly trying to bring more of us into the fray by telling our reps the 2A is a right and not optional. So non-member Glockers get off the fence. If you think I'm wrong then tell me so here in this thread and support the 2A. You want your revenge for all the comments, here's a fair and honest shot.
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