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That's the penalty for not "being prepared".
If you had the funds to "go home and backorder everything you might need for the next 5 years" last week, you probably had the resources to have that much on hand. I feel no sympathy for those who CHOSE not to stock up on ammo prior to the current buying frenzy. In fact, it pizzes me off that those folks are causing ME problems keeping my stock at my prescribed levels.
Not only ammo but reloading components have been affected and likely will be for several months or more.
You shouldn't be mad at everyone, but Obama and the anti-gun parts of the government.

Many of these panic buyers are new to firearms, or your casual shooters that did not have a need for such amount of ammo than your occasional box or 2 per month.

The problem is that now everyone is looking to buy ammo simultaneously so that effect is compounded, vs when it was relaxed last year. No one could've really predicted the events that happend in Sandy Hook and others.
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