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Everyone needs a 4" 357 revolver wether they like em or not ,it`s the most versitile handgun ever built (IMHO )

You have 3 choices :

GP100, tuff as they come ,heavy so family(even smallish shooters) can handle the recoil.

S&W , more refined & again (IMHO) will never be as durable as a ruger & if shot much at the range carry a correct fitting screwdriver to titen sideplate screws, not a matter of if , but when they come loose.

Dan Wesson, butt ugly or beatiful in the eyes of the beholder, versatality to the max here , can be a snubby to a buntline !! & I do like the cyl retention system on em ,ain`t worth a hoot for speed loading though.

& all of the above have a truck load of different grips s available .

& just for the record I have own all of the above brands at 1 point of my life.

The DW was a pack complete with 2-8" barrels, both grips, patch & belt buckle, I wish I had it back !!
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